Working with us means commitment and growth

No one grows in a bubble, a blogger may get more likes and attention the less they wear or the more they post but to truly know how to engage with the beverage industry takes a village.

Bevfluence took some time off but we are back in a big way we spent covid-19 changing our new platform that will make your marketing goals so much easier to fulfill.

Our streamlined process means that all you have to do is join a campaign, select a number of influencers you'd like to receive products, and ship out bottles. The rest as far as metrics, analytics, the back-end data, and knowing how successful the campaign was is up to us. You will receive plenty of information that guarantees people have been reached..

In addition to unprecedented coverage, you can select from a slew of Bottle Shots. Image potential including our body-positive campaign which shows real people enjoying your wines. Most importantly not only will leave the images be seen on social media but you will receive file drops so that you may use all of our images and your promotions going forward.

Join as many campaigns as you want and sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor while we enjoy the bottled fruits of yours.

You can even select the various locations 4 great pictures of your bottles and selected the areas that you want to reach in the US by geographic region and population density.

Further, our media list that receives notes on the products that we tasted is extensive and includes not just your average influencer or Mommy bloggers but buyers, bar managers, and other industry professionals.